Travelling overseas and seeing the world is a dream cherished by many.

Discovery Channel, TLC and Fox Traveler continue to be some of the most popular TV channels for this reason.

However, this remains a dream for most people, not because, they don’t have the time or money but simply because they don’t consider overseas travel as “expensive”, “time consuming” and are afraid to take that first step.

At Altair Holidays, we have tried to break this deadlock by carefully selecting some destinations closer to India. Tourism in these countries is young and vibrant. Most are just a few hours away by flight. Hotel and living expenses are comparable to those in India. And yet these destinations offer sightseeing and travel experiences that are comparable to those travelling to Europe and Hawaii on low budgets.

Outbound is the product of that promises to fulfill this need.

You can experience beautiful beaches, modern cities, ancient temples & palaces, churches, deserts and much more. All in a completely different cultural setting.

Choose from one of our standard itineraries or go ahead and make your own.

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