Altair holidays has carefully chosen range of preffered hotels to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Most properties include TV and telephone in room and breakfast is available on site. Our quality accommodations are happy to provide support and information during your stay. We provide many levels of accommodation, offering you a choice to suit your budget and holiday requirements.


Clean, comfortable, value for money accommodation. (US $ 80-120 per day).

Super De-Luxe

Tourist properties with full facilities on site. (3-star +/ 4-star, US $ 150-300 per day).


First class tourist properties providing excellent amenities and personalized services. ( 5-star/5-start deluxe, US $ 300 and above…).All hotels at this level have excellent facilities, bars and restaurants etc, full services, and many feature swimming pool, spa baths, and fully equipped gymnasium for the enjoyment of guests.


Unique smaller properties tucked away in the lap of nature, offering a special experience – tree houses, luxury huts, riverside villas, hilltop bungalows etc. (Prices and availability vary significantly).


Ancient forts and havelis and even palaces now converted to world class accommodation. There are many to choose from and with varying budgets.

Jungle Lodges

Lodges, tree houses, luxury tents in the midst of nature. These accommodations are normally near national parks offering you a total jungle experience.

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