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Sri Lanka was always around but not as a tourist destination. This has changed significantly in recent years. The country has shed its troubled past and has placed itself as one of safest and enjoyable year round destinations. It has geared up very well for tourism and industry has made every effort to show case its many hidden gems.

Sri Lanka is known for its cultural heritage. It has 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which is creditable for a country of its size. The sites includes many temples and the incredible Sigria Rock Fortress, towering 650 ft above ground. For nature lovers, it has the works - from sun soaked pristine beaches to 7,000 ft mountains with lush green forests and wildlife.

If you have one week and would like to venture beyond Indian boundaries, Sri Lanka is an ideal destination. Land costs are comparable to India and flights fares are only marginally higher. It sure is one of the top destinations on our recommendation list!

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