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Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and many more...

South East Asia has a cluster of many countries, which can be easily accessed from India by a short flight. Each of these countries is unique in its own way and offers a excellent travel experience at costs comparable to those of Indian – the main difference being airfares. We recommend these countries to many first time Indian travelers. Our favorites are Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. These destinations are reasonably priced and represent some of the best cultural and natural sights the region has to offer.

Thailand is our top pick. From beautiful temples (‘wats’) of Bangkok to golden sandy beaches of Phuket and Krabi, Thailand has it all. We suggest 4-days Bangkok and 4 days at Krabi or Phuket. Bangkok is a lively city that never fails to excite. It has great shopping and dining at affordable prices. Krabi and Phuket are sea lover’s paradise.

Cambodia is an ideal extension to a Thai tour. Temple of Angkor Vat is the largest religious monument in the world. Vietnam is a relatively off-beat destination but quite popular with western tourists. Capital Hanoi is an interesting city frozen in time. Its French legacy, gives it a special flavor. Few hours south of Hanoi lies Halong Bay, a world heritage marine reserve. A boat ride here is so amazing that you will not be able to forget it easily.

We offer fully custom itineraries to these destinations, as well as to other favorite South East Asian destinations, such as Singapore, Malaysia and Bali.

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